Ch. Red Jacket Zoltan Piroska (Zoltan)
Ch. Red Jacket Zoltan Piroska is the son of Ch. Mad's Nyircsaszari Csatar (Caesar) and Red Jacket Roxanne (Roxanne) daughter of Ch. Piroska Top of the Line. His beauty, strength, athleticism, and intelligence are extreme.  Zoltan is a sweet dog, great with children and tolerant of other dogs.  His personality is affectionate, inquisitive, intense, and brilliantly comedic. 
To live with Zolti is to receive a present of some recently deceased critter rather often. He once shoved my washing machine, dryer, and chest freezer out of his way while chasing a vole around the garage before catching it, killing it with one shake, and playing hacky-sack with the remains.
He lives with John and Kent Campbell in Georgetown, TX as a member of their bachelor's club. He gets to do everything but smoke a cigar.  He is the father and brother of several show champions.