Jasmine fetching a stick
Jasmine starting a hunt
Dirigo Dixieland Jazz
Jasmine is a big girl with a strong hunting drive and an even stronger need to cuddle.  She comes to us from Dirigo Farms Vizslas in Sudbury, MA.  She is co-owned by Rebecca Barnes of Fodrasz Vizslas and me.  Shelives in Cedar Park with the Barnes family since she seems to be more comfortable there.
She has proved to be a fiercely protective mother, and her puppies by Zoltan are big, strong, self-confident, and bright red.  This year her puppies will carry the Red Jacket kennel name.  Next year they will carry the Fodrasz kennel name. It's all in the family since the Fodrasz foundation bitch is Ch. Red Jacket Britannia. 
Jasmine Demonstrates the Power Cuddle.